"Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together" - Robert Redford

Testimonials from Go There! Coaching
Clients and Colleagues

"Laura is the sort of personal coach which gives the profession a good name. She brings clarity of vision to every problem and a spirit of enthusiasm to every possibility. When you hire her, you are also hiring imagination, optimism, steadfastness and empathy. There are some people who see only what is already there, she has the gift of seeing what might be and the skills to help realize those ideas."

- Carol Lloyd, Author of  Creating a Life Worth Living

“Everyone would benefit from having Laura as a coach. She has a unique perspective and an ability to keep things positive, while motivating you forward. Having Laura on my side helped me move forward more quickly and efficiently. Each week I came away with a to-do list that had a direct effect on my success. I was proud to be taking an active part in my own future success and so glad to have Laura on my team.”

- Jeannine, Holistic Health Counselor

“It was obvious that Laura is committed to the process and really cares about the work she does. Her style is nurturing and supportive, but grounded and present; and she makes sure you stick with the program. I felt very open to express myself honestly, without any judgment. I also liked the process she used to break up my life into tangible components in order to prioritize what I wanted to work on.”

- Harry, Musician and Advertising School Student

“Laura challenged me in ways I had not experienced before and it has opened my eyes to my own possibilities. Our work together stretched my limits and turned my toes in the direction of the life I want to lead. As a result, I have calmed the negative gremlins in my mind regarding my body image and self-confidence and I’ve been successfully challenged to live my best and most fulfilling life. Additionally, Laura has given me the toolkit to fulfill my dreams on a daily basis.”

- Leslie, CEO and Business Owner

“I feel I have a very special relationship with Laura and we work incredibly well together! She has taught me how to set goals, to see what constitutes a productive day and she has given me the ability to take joy in my accomplishments. It’s much easier for me to tackle huge projects now — I have more confidence and I’m much less likely to procrastinate. The lessons I get from my work with Laura are invaluable at helping me change my life in a very positive and powerful way, so much so that I have continued to work with her for over three years.“

- Julia, Wildlife Biologist/Graduate Student

“I’ve accomplished much more as a result of Laura’s coaching! She has exceeded my expectations, is very professional and she helped me to refine my goals as an entrepreneur/business owner. Laura is focused and she got me focused and right to the crux of the hurdles that are between me and my goals. In addition to helping me balance work and professional life, the work we’ve done has allowed me to see myself in a whole new light—one of personal competence, empowerment and beauty!”

- Chris, Computer Consultant

“I am thrilled with Laura as my coach! I She is non-judgmental and she makes me feel really great about what I’m trying to do, what I have done and helps me move forward to accomplish more in my life. Each session has an emotional and an action component; and Laura has helped me become aware of the limiting voices in my mind and re-frame situations I had seen negatively and actually accomplish the things I was fearful about before.”

- Cecily, Arts Learning Specialist

“Laura is awesome! She truly embraces what life coaching is all about and wants her clients to get the most juice out of life. She provided me with a kick in the pants to get started on things that I was having a hard time starting. Her candid honesty and unconditional support was a great introduction to life coaching as a career for me.”

- Carla, Life Coach

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